Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting
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Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting Q & A

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What is cove lighting?

Cove lighting is an ambient or accent lighting technique. The illumination is often indirect, designed to wash a wall or a ceiling while the light is tucked into a built-in cove. Coves are often built into a wall. Coves may also be built into the ceiling. With no visible light source, cove lighting is typically used by architects and lighting designers to highlight an architectural feature, such as a wall, crown molding, or ceiling.

What are the best light fixtures to use for cove lighting?

LED lighting is the ideal technology for cove lighting applications. With minimal heat, and solid state build, LED linear lights offer flexibility and can fit snug into nearly any cove design. With a range of color temperatures and crisp high-CRI (Color-Rendering Index) light, LED cove lights offer warm or cool lighting to residential and commercial applications.

Is cove lighting a good idea?

Cove lighting is best used as ambient accent lighting. Tucked away, washing a wall or a ceiling with a glow of light, cove lighting can also be used by architects and lighting designers to draw attention to architectural features on walls or ceilings without the distraction of a visible light source.

Are led strip lights used for cove lighting?

Yes. LED strip or tape lighting can be used for cove lighting applications. We use IP65, IP65 and IP68 rated LED strips in aluminum channel profiles offering adjustability, durability and safety.

What’s the difference between cove lighting and indirect lighting?

Indirect lighting is any type of light reflected off of a surface. Cove lighting, when installed to reflect off of a wall, generally affords indirect lighting wall wash to ceiling wash lighting, whereby the light source is aimed at a ceiling or wall.

What’s the difference between cove and cornice lighting?

Cove and cornice lighting are different names for the same time of lighting installation.

Are all cove lights wall washers?

No. Cove lights can be installed to wash a wall or ceiling with light.

Are your cove lights flexible?

Yes. Our cove lighting can be bent horizontally and vertically without compromising the integrity of the light.