Commercial-Grade Kitchen Lighting

Commercial-Grade Kitchen Lighting
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Industrial Kitchen & Food Processing Lighting

Industrial Kitchen & Food Processing Lighting

Ideal lighting for preparing and cooking in today’s industrial, commercial kitchens and “ghost” kitchens requires advanced LED lighting products and systems. Alcon Lighting assures shatterproof, wet location-rated, vapor-tight lighting fixtures with intelligent controls for safe food processing with Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi capability.

Industrial Kitchen & Food Processing Lighting

Commercial Kitchen Lighting Q & A

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What is a commercial kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is any non-residential kitchen, i.e., a restaurant, hotel or cafe. A commercial kitchen can sometimes refer to the type of equipment used in the kitchen, such as commercial deep fryers and gas ranges. Commercial kitchens are subject to government agency inspection of food, fire and health regulatory compliance.

What is an industrial kitchen?

An industrial kitchen is a commercial kitchen operating at a high output. Industrial kitchens are often contract kitchens that cook, prepare and package food for multiple local markets, stores and bakeries. Commercial kitchen lighting refers to the same lighting used in an industrial kitchen and food processing facilities.

What are the regulations covering commercial and industrial kitchen lighting?

It depends. Government regulations are constantly changing, often escalating. Lighting for commercial kitchens should generally be shatterproof, enclosed and gasketed, and, according to regulatory terms, NSF-rated, splash zone certified, and wet-location rated.

What are “ghost” or cloud kitchens?

These are terms denoting a trend initiated by the success of food delivery apps such as Postmates. These terms describe a category of delivery-only restaurants, virtual or shadow kitchens or commissary kitchens that prepare or cook specific for food delivery. Simply put, “ghost” kitchens are virtual kitchens, functioning as restaurants without a dining space, allowing the operator to focus exclusively on delivery orders. Examples include applications such as Postmates, GrubHub, Doordash, and Uber Eats.

Is lighting for “ghost” and cloud kitchens subject to the same government regulations as restaurant kitchens?

Yes. All lighting in commercial food preparation space must comply with government controls, which vary according to federal, state and local government regulations.

What is an NSF rating for lighting?

NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation. The mission statement of the NSF is to protect food, water, consumer products and the environment by establishing public health standards and certifications as an independent, accredited organization. NSF claims to test, audit and certify products and systems as well as provide education and risk management.

What is Splash Zone Certified?

Splash Zone Certification refers to food-grade lighting products subject to splash, spillage or other food soiling during operation.

What is IP69K?

An IP69K rating indicates a product provides protection against an ingression of unwanted accumulations of dust and high-temperature, high-pressure water. The rating assures that the product meets with the certification standard that’s ideal for using the lighting fixture in conditions for which equipment must be properly sanitized. In certain industries, such as food processing, in which hygiene and cleanliness is paramount, the equipment must be able to withstand rigorous high-pressure, high-temperature washdown procedures. In some industries in which accumulated dirt and dust can become a problem, it is necessary to ensure that dirt and dust do not penetrate the product casing, which could cause the product to fail. The IP69K rating is the highest available protection.